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Blood Flow Restriction Training

Blood Flow Restriction is a fast-growing therapy to accelerate REHABILITATION and RECOVERY. A cuff calibrated by technology safely applying pressure to arm and leg, reduces ability of blood to be pump buck from that limb, it increases muscle oxygen demand, causing the muscle to work harder to produce contraction. BFR stresses the muscle at weights where it normally would not be stimulated, so most people can INCREASE MUSCLE STRENGTH using MUCH LESS WEIGHT than usual or NO WEIGHT at all.

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Muscle Strength Check Up

If you feel imbalance throughout your body or you are an athlete that is keen in improving your performance, this service suits you well. We can assess the strength and endurance of all the muscles in your body and find the weakest link so that you can train it and improve your sports performance.

We will conduct Whole Body Strength Testing with a revolutionary Strength Testing Device and Software so that we can get an objective measurement of all the strength and imbalance throughout your body. We will then analyze the data and interpret it and give you recommendation in order to improve your strength, health and performance. Other than strength, we also measure the Rate of Force Development / Power Generation of each body part. By knowing the Power Generation of each muscle, we can identify which area needs more power/plyometric training and which area needs to improve its explosiveness capacity.

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Dry Needling

Dry needling is an effective treatment modality aim to reduce muscle tightness and pain caused by trigger point. When muscles get tight, it will create a muscle knot or medically known as Trigger Point. The needle penetrates the skin and goes directly to this “muscle knot” and break the knot, so that you will feel relax, promote healing and decrease your pain sensation.At Reviver, Dry needling is commonly used in conjunction with other modalities to better facilitate your recovery. It is an efficient and effective technique that can help conditions such as back pain, knee pain, neck pain, headaches, and many others.

Is It Painful?

Does it have any side effects?

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Dr. Andy Widjaja DPT

Dr. Andy Widjaja DPT is a Strength Coach and Australian graduate Physiotherapist that likes to exercise and weight train. He specializes in treating pain and movement-related condition ranging from sports injuries, fitness injuries, post-op rehabilitation, back pain, knee pain etc. He often teaches seminars and courses regarding sports injury, strength training and rehabilitation methods at universities and many other instances. In his teaching and practice, he always believes that with the right exercise and active rehabilitation method, patient can improve their quality-of-life despite of their condition.

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