Dr. Andy Widjaja DPT

Dr. Andy Widjaja DPT is a Strength Coach and Australian graduate Physiotherapist that likes to exercise and weight train.He specializes in treating pain and movement-related condition ranging from sports injuries, fitness injuries, post-op rehabilitation, back pain, knee pain etc. He often teaches seminars and courses regarding sports injury, strength training and rehabilitation methods at universities and many other instances. In his teaching and practice, he always believes that with the right exercise and active rehabilitation method, patient can improve their quality-of-life despite of their condition.

Zizy Triyana
Physiotherapist graduated from Esa Unggul University Jakarta. She spesializes in treating musculoskeletal problems, sport injuries, post-op rehabilitation etc.
Ricky Winarsa
Physiotherapist graduated from Muhammadiyah University Surakarta. He specializes in post-op rehabilitation, sports injuries, back pain, knee pain, cardiovascular issues etc.