Blood Flow Restriction Training

What is Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) Therapy?

Blood Flow Restriction is a fast-growing therapy to accelerate REHABILITATION and RECOVERY. A cuff calibrated by technology safely applying pressure to arm and leg, reduces ability of blood to be pump buck from that limb, it increases muscle oxygen demand, causing the muscle to work harder to produce contraction. BFR stresses the muscle at weights where it normally would not be stimulated, so most people can INCREASE MUSCLE STRENGTH using MUCH LESS WEIGHT than usual or NO WEIGHT at all.

Benefits Of BFR

Training using BFR will allows maximal STRENGTH GAIN while minimizing stress on the muscle and joints for patient recovering from surgery or injury. You can reap the benefits of an intense heavy weight-lifting session while only peforming low to moderate-intensity training. There are many other benefits of BFR such as:

Prevent muscular atrophy

Increased cardiovascular capacity

Decrease joint/tissue stress

Improved bone mineral density

Reducing pain

Who Should Use BFR Therapy?

BFR therapy can be beneficial for both injured / healthy individuals, as it helps rebuild muscle mass if you are recovering from injury and leads to increased muscle mass as a part of a normal, healthy training program BFR can also help older adults gain or maintain muscle mass. BFR is great after joint replacement in seniors, can minimize “normal” age-related muscle wasting (also known as “sarcopenia” and improve cardiovascular endurance. BFR can also be applied safely to certain neurological diseases, post ACL surgery, and many other condition. It can also be helpful for individuals that are unable to lift heavier weight. For instance, patient who’ve had joint replacement, or knee, foot, ankle or shoulder injury. In other instance, healthy individuals who are also looking to improve muscular strength, hypertrophy and endurance may benefit from BFR training as well.

How Often will I need the BFR Session

BFR therapy sessions is best to be done 2-3x per week, allowing constant stimulus to increase muscle mass and strength. However, this can vary and your clinician will discuss this with you during treatment.

REVIVER Advanced BFR Cuff

At Reviver we use a FULLY WIRELLESS, AUTOMATED BFR Cuff from VALD performance Australia, that automatically inflate, detect and calibrate the pressure of the Cuff. This will allow us to increase the safety and efficacy of the BFR session.