Muscle Strength Check Up

A revolutionary way to assess Strength and Power

If you feel imbalance throughout your body or you are an athlete that is keen in improving your performance, this service suits you well. We can assess the strength and endurance of all the muscles in your body and find the weakest link so that you can train it and improve your sports performance. We will conduct Whole Body Strength Testing with a revolutionary Strength Testing Device and Software so that we can get an objective measurement of all the strength and imbalance throughout your body. We will then analyze the data and interpret it and give you recommendation in order to improve your strength, health and performance. Other than strength, we also measure the Rate of Force Development / Power Generation of each body part. By knowing the Power Generation of each muscle, we can identify which area needs more power/plyometric training and which area needs to improve its explosiveness capacity.

Medical Check Up for Your Muscle!

Other than athletes and sports people, muscle strength check-up is also beneficial for all individuals. People do regular medical check-up to see whether their health marker is in accordance with the normal value or not. However, what most people don’t realize is that Muscle also need Check Up. Muscle strength is the key determinant for longevity and health. If you are lacking muscle strength in some areas, this can interfere with your movement and activity of daily living.We can measure your strength and compare it to the suggested value within your age level. Therefore, we can determine whether you have sufficient strength or not in each of your body part and target it accordingly. We recommend everyone to do a routine muscle strength check-up yearly in order to track their muscle health, strength and function.

Muscle Strength Check Up Procedure

Before the Check-Up, a consultation session will be done in order to determine the goal and some specific testing that we might add to your check-up session. The test that we do for older population vs Tennis Athlete vs Weightlifting athlete will of course be slightly different from one another. After the consultation, our expert team will conduct the check up for roughly 45 minutes – 1 hour. Then, your data will be analyze and the report will be ready within 3-5 days. Finally, we will discuss the finding and will recommend some exercises and regime that you can add to your current routine.